Baccus Center President
& Senior Consultant

Chevon T.  Baccus, APR

Chevon is a nationally accredited public relations professional with extensive experience in marketing, business development and communications.  Chevon also is an internationally certified speaker, trainer and coach with the John Maxwell Team.

ctbFor more than 30 years, Chevon has worked for business, education and the nonprofits, helping them communicate, grow, develop resources and adapt to change.  Through her nearly 10-year affiliation with the international Communities of the Future, Chevon offers community transformation consulting and is collaborating with consultant Ann Killets on a K-12 education research project to develop new leaders for a rapidly changing world.

Chevon earned a bachelor’s degree in human resources management and a master’s in human resources development.  She is a lifelong learner with skills training in conflict resolution, teambuilding, psychological types and organization development.

Chevon has served as president of several organizations, including a local Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, nonprofit theater and the National School Public Relations Association and SUNSPRA, its Florida affiliate. Her work has been recognized with nearly 3 dozen local, state and national awards.

Chevon is an energetic problem solver with the unique ability to identify organizational challenges and recommend a comprehensive plan of action to achieve measurable results.  She has assembled a strong network of futures-focused professionals with expertise in the areas of leadership, communications, public relations, marketing, change management, artificial intelligence forecasting, cybersecurity, data analytics and quality of life enhancement.

Baccus Center Associates

Rick Smyre

Rick is an internationally recognized futurist, author and pioneer in community transformation. As President of the international Center for Communities of the Future he demonstrates his passion for developing networks to seed change. He has earned four degrees and developed networks with people in 47 states and 12 foreign countries.

ricksmyre“Preparing for a World That Doesn’t Exist – Yet”,  the book he co-authored in 2016 with Neil Richardson, is in its 5th printing getting ready for an emerging society, that will be increasingly fast paced, interconnected, interdependent and complex.

The network of futures-oriented consultants Rick has trained help identify and support “master capacity builders”  who help transform their local communities, chambers of commerce, economic development groups, health care organizations and educational institutions. COTF is pioneering new concepts, methods and techniques of adaptive planning and community transformation to be used in parallel to other basic strategic planning models. The goal is to spread “capacities for transformation” throughout any organization/community in a dynamic and flexible way. It is in this way that the concepts and methods of COTF reflect the use of ecological principles of “complex adaptive systems” found in framing initial conditions, self-organization, connecting diverse ideas, people and proccesses, emergence, systemic transformation and feedback.

Rick is graduate of Davidson College and NC State University, he is President of the Center for Communities of the Future and is an architect of the new field of “molecular leadership” and “community transformation”. He is the past Chairman of the Board of the American Association of Retirement Communities and has been on the staff of the National Economic Development Institute for thirteen years.

Ann Killets

In addition to her experience as an award winning school principal, Ann has served as chief of staff, chief academic and learning officer for the Palm Beach County School District. More recently she has been a college professor, associate dean of education and consultant.  She also is an internationally certified coach, trainer and speaker with the John Maxwell Team.

annkAnn provides consulting services to school districts and 1-on-1 coaching to school principals.  She creates custom designs for leadership that empower organizations and impact communities. In addition to leadership development, Ann specializes in system analysis and growth plan development.  She is collaborating with Chevon Baccus to produce “rising stars”  training for aspiring school principals, incorporating not only traditional John Maxwell leadership and communications training, but also the master capacity building strategies of Communities of the Future.

Ann believes leadership is a driving force to success within an organization or company. With establishing positive communication, utilizing the talents of individuals, and capitalizing on cooperative work experiences, Ann’s designs can take any organization to the next level.

If organizations don’t invest resources to examine their methods of communication, reflect on their everyday practices, and consider ways of improvement, day to day operations will stay the same or begin to deteriorate. Ann desires to help organizations achieve maximum success in impacting our world.

Gary Vause II

Gary is a cybersecurity and data analytics expert who has gained more than 25 years experience as an information technology professional since serving in the United States Air Force.

garyvause2His work includes 13+ years in information security involving architecting, managing, developing and deploying multi-tier enterprise applications, security, identity & access management, federated identities, directory servers and regulatory compliance.

Gary is an (ABD) doctorate candidate at Walden University with specific research interest involving predictors of cybercrimes intersecting with human behavior. He has taught information security in the Biomedical Health Sciences Department University of Illinois in Chicago and computer applications and business systems concepts at Rasmussen College. He is working on a data analytics curriculum, which he hopes to teach for the business school of a university.

Gary’s life journey from fruit picker to professor makes him a great motivational speaker and life coach and is past president of the largest Toastmasters Club in Georgia.    He manages technology portfolios, cybersecurity and compliance for global health care organizations and  provides custom consulting and risk management solutions for various corporations.

Terri Miller

Terri’s middle name is “awesome” because she commits every day to exploring a world of opportunities.  She excels at her day job as a corporate IT security manager, and fills her spare time with volunteering, transformational coaching and real estate investment.

terriawesome (2)Terri’s enthusiasm infects all around her and she offers motivation and encouragement for individuals looking to explore their passions and follow their dreams.  She especially enjoys working to empower women and spreading her positive spirit to everyone she meets.

Terri enjoys putting her thoughts on paper to motivate others. Her 1-on-1 coaching helps people reach higher and embrace the joy of each new day.

In the investment world, Terri serves as a headhunter, helping find and vet properties to ensure investors are making sound and profitable decisions.  She specializes working with investors who want to purchase Florida properties.

Terri especially enjoys community service, and helped co-found with Chevon Baccus a brand new Rotary Club designed to attract the next generation of Rotarians. She is one of few people to ever serve as president of two different Rotary Clubs during one calendar year, as she took on the leadership position in the new Rotary on the Ridge, which recruited 37 charter members in just two months.

Terri is motivated by a deep spirituality that has grown from her strong Christian roots. She helps people find their true calling and to become the best they can be.

Margarita Martin

Margarita is co-founder of Martin Squared, a John Maxwell Team certified Leadership Development Coach, Trainer and Speaker and a Coaches Console certified Bootcamp Momentum Coach.

margaritamartinShe helps small businesses, universities, professional practices, financial institutions, associations and all sorts of teams to optimize their output. On completion of their custom program, these entities and their teams hit more of their personal and team goals and are in a position to create and implement new ideas. She calls them Rock Star Leaders in the making!

Margarita is an experienced sales professional twice selected rep of the year for a Fortune 500 company. And that was her first two years! Most insiders expected a third, but she surprised everyone to take a shot at being a stay-at-home mom and entrepreneur. Apparently, it worked,  as she now has four young children while having had a very successful run with a networking marketing enterprise as well as creating her own line of all natural body care products.

Well known for her engaging personality, fierce determination and high energy, Margarita has created a unique brand that many expect to quickly make a mark in the coaching industry.

Whether one is trying to get their career moving again, to raise the level of teamwork within their organization, or as an entrepreneur looking for that boost. Margarita is that coach. Rock On, Rock Star!!

Tim Martin

Tim is a senior marketing executive with a passion for wellness. He was the founder and principal of a $12 million marketing firm for 15 years, a trainer and coach for five years, and the last eight as chief marketing officer for three different CPG companies.

timmartinThrough the years, Tim has continued to add top certifications, serve key clients, and continue his now historic discipline of 33 continuous years in the gym. Today he is a Master Trainer, Precision Nutrition Coach, and a Certified Life Coach with the John Maxwell Team.

In addition to an MBA, Tim has earned a master’s in Exercise Science and six top tier fitness/nutrtition certifications.

His proprietary Boom Wellness program is a holistic approach to refocusing on your life’s purpose. Together, you’ll create actionable strategies to maximize your talents, time and energies while undertaking a customized wellness plan to optimize your health.  The idea is to give life all that you have and to enjoy its blessings for as long as you can.

You can!  Let’s go!

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