The Baccus Center is a network of futures-oriented consultants with a variety of special expertise.  We only take on clients we believe we can help.   Our top areas are leadership, communications and transformational change.   If you want to address specific challenges or just better prepare your organization for the rapidly changing future, we can help.  To determine how we might help you analyze your needs and offer custom training, coaching and support, we recommend you schedule a free 30-45 minute phone consult to start the discussion.

Some of our priority service areas include:


We use special instruments and interviews to assess the key leaders in your organization, their current skill-level and natural ability to lead a transformation process.  We provide a variety of training options, including virtual or on-site training, mastermind discussion groups and individual coaching.  At least four of our consultants are internationally certified John Maxwell Team trainers, with access to a huge body of traditional training materials and books by the nation’s top leadership guru.  We use the 360 degree leadership assessment for individuals and the fast-paced Leadership Game for group learning.  For a full transformation process, our consultants also use the “master capacity building” approach developed by the international Communities of the Future network.

Communications, Public Relations & Marketing

Several of our associates have extensive experience in these areas, and Chevon Baccus holds national accreditation in public relations. In addition to offering training and developing customized marketing plans, our consultants can conduct a full communications assessment/audit, which may include focus groups, market research, questionnaires, and reviews of existing advertising, social media and other communications tools. The Baccus Center also can help design full-scale marketing, promotional  campaigns and serves as a one-stop design shop, employing graphic artists, photographers and writers from our network.


The Baccus Center has affiliates who are experts in data analytics and cybersecurity.  We can do a risk analysis and recommend technology, systems and training solutions to help ensure client data and other important communications are not compromised.   We also offer staff training on the importance of following security protocol.  Our consultants can help you explore the world of Artificial Intelligence and how to keep abreast of the latest in digital technology to keep ahead of your competition.


Several of our consultants have extensive background in education and can assist schools, school districts and colleges with the latest in transformational learning.   We have associates who can mentor and coach individual school leaders, but we also are developing a “rising stars” program that trains prospective school principals in the latest leadership and communications skills, necessary to adapt to our fast changing world.  School districts will have the option of sending participants through a 9-month training program that blends traditional leadership training developed by John Maxwell with cutting edge “master capacity building” strategies.  Programs can incorporate on-site and web-based training along with participatory group “Mastermind” sessions, mentoring and 1-on-1 coaching.   A custom program can be designed for a school district that wants to prepare the next generation of school leaders.  Some of our associates also specialize in leadership training for students.

Change Management

Many organizations recognize the need to make significant change to maintain a competitive advantage and prepare or re-tool for an uncertain future. The Baccus Center can come in at any stage of your change initiative and help ensure a smoother process, including culture and climate transformation, staff communication and engagement, teambuilding and staff motivation and recognition.  For larger organizations, we can help identify and train those who could be “master capacity builders” to facilitate the transformation process.  We also have experts who can help you identify technology solutions for more effective data analytics and business intelligence gathering.

Personal Transformation

Many people recognize the need for some personal coaching in one or more areas.  Baccus Center consultants can help individuals identify personal and professional goals, hold them accountable and offer motivation and recognition for achievements.  A person nearing retirement or ready for a major life change can benefit from having a life or career coach.






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