All Baccus Center services are personalized to meet each client’s specific needs. Here is the basic process for most new clients:

  1.  Prospective client contacts Baccus Center by phone, email or submits online feedback response form.
  2. Baccus Center schedules 30-45 minute no-cost telephone consult to discuss client’s challenges, needs, timeline and estimated budget.
  3. If organization is interested, Baccus Center submits DRAFT letter of agreement with clearly outlined scope of services, deliverables and payment schedule.  Most projects can be broken into phases to spread costs over time.
  4.  Client schedules consult to get any questions answered and to work with Baccus Center on any desired changes in scope of service, deliverables, timeline, budget.
  5. Revised agreement is signed by both parties; client pays deposit and issues start work order.
  6. Baccus Center identifies lead consultant and any associates to be involved in project. Client identifies one key project point person to communicate any issues/concerns, to assist in pulling research and scheduling training, and to pre-approve any additional expenses.
  7.  Phase 1 – Research:  Client completes custom questionnaire and provides any requested documents and/or access to key employees.  This could be done with one or more on-site visit
  8. Baccus Center begins work, and schedules any desired training, site visits.
  9. Communications with client is ongoing, with Baccus Center providing periodic updates as needed, including results of trainee feedback.
  10. Baccus Center provides first draft of any deliverables for client review and feedback.   After discussion, Baccus Center will provide a second draft and then schedules a session to present final product.
  11.  Client provides feedback and determines if additional services are needed.
  12. Upon payment, Client and Baccus Center determine interest in further services or assistance in implementing project recommendations.

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